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We provide the best integrated experience between Internet that you deserved and all the information technologies for your organization, Connect to the success now: your business our passion.
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Main Services

We got three main services areas that covers the most of the productive funtions in order to your organization works properly, at local or regional level: Internet services, structured cabling, and V.O.I.P. appliances and services, but we got much more, Contact us nor and discover how to upgrade your organization.


Optic Fiber and Wireless Links

We provide primary and redundant services that you deserve.

Internet Link

Optic Fiber

Our services cover primary dedicated services from 1/1 Miami to back up data links, and we can rpovide it in local or regional modality, covering the most strict standars in uptime and at the less expensive cost of the market. Contact us now and discover how we can upgrade your organization.


Electric and Data Infraestructure

Pasive and active devices, electric and data solutions.

Infrastructure Solutions

Structure Cabling

We offer a premium selection of cutting-edge passive and active equipment sourced from the market leaders. Our team boasts the essential expertise to meticulously manage your project, ensuring it stays on track both in terms of timeline and budget. Our comprehensive services encompass state-of-the-art solutions for structured cabling, industrial and residential electrical wiring, and top-tier high-performance electrical backup systems. Reach out to us today to unlock the potential of your organization through our innovative offerings.


Voice Over Internet Protocol

Our Multichannel communication services, reduce response time with the final clients.



Our IP telephony services cater to businesses of all sizes - from small startups to medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. We proudly feature the market's finest IP telephony brands, and our VoIP solutions seamlessly harmonize with both our cutting-edge active equipment and our robust internet and data links. Reach out to us today and unveil how we can propel your organization to new heights.

Our company

Our History

For over two decades, we have been delivering cutting-edge solutions at affordable costs, accompanied by impeccable service, to cater to the needs of all our valued clients.



Operations at local level

With over a decade of hands-on experience spearheading the most groundbreaking ventures in telecommunications and information technology solutions, and in close collaboration with the foremost local and regional Internet service providers, we embark on this journey while upholding the established benchmarks of quality from the past, while seamlessly integrating new standards for the future. Reach out to us today and unveil how we can elevate the prowess of your organization.


Setting Up

Internet dedicated services

As we progress through our journey of evolution, we persistently stand by the side of the leading Internet providers in the Central American region. We undertake the deployment of corporate Internet services across the nation while concurrently crafting innovative solutions for local network infrastructure and management throughout the country. Reach out to us without delay to uncover how we can empower your organization to unprecedented heights.




The cornerstone of making a service recommendation lies in trust, and this is precisely what we've garnered from our diverse clientele, including SMEs, NGOs, residential clients, and governmental entities. We've had the privilege of directly or indirectly serving and advising them. Reach out to us today to unearth how we can fortify the potential of your organization.



Evolution Stage

Pressing forward in the evolution of our services, we have forged strategic alliances with esteemed leaders in the realm of information technology. These renowned establishments place their trust in our expertise and insights to impeccably represent them. Moreover, we stride boldly into the realm of green technologies for power generation and seamless integrated connectivity. Don't hesitate to contact us now and uncover how we can elevate the prowess of your organization.


Work Flow Process

Before reaching the proof of concepts, it's important to ensure that the project scopes align with the client's needs, expectations, and budget.

Service Scope

Understanding expectations, categorizing them in a prioritization matrix, aligning with the client's budget, and having measurable service parameters are integral aspects of our performance culture.

Timeline and Budget

Time is a valuable resource, and our commitment lies in harmonizing our achievements with these pivotal administrative dimensions. We pride ourselves on presenting a range of solutions tailored to diverse needs within distinct segments.

Implementation, Management, and Support

We envision the technological solutions we offer as vital components of a seamless journey, enabling organizations and their IT departments to seamlessly integrate our solutions into their support arsenal. This synergy empowers them to elevate performance standards through strategic endeavors.